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welcome to cbey

Congregation Bais Ephraim Yitzchok (CBEY), under the leadership of Rabbi Zvi & Rebbetzin Paghit Ralbag, strives to be a warm and caring community that encourages davening and Torah study.  Founded in 2000 in Woodmere, NY by families from varied yeshiva backgrounds, CBEY has grown to over 100 families, all dedicated to the ideal of living meaningful Jewish lives.



Yomim Noraiim Seating

There will be 2 minyanim for Rosh Hashana, with the annex minyan being a hashkama/vasikin minyan. All members are asked to notify the Seating Committee of their family's seating requirements as soon as possible, as the deadline (Sept 15th) has passed.


Please let us know: a)  Which minyan you are requesting b) Which Yom Tovim you need the seats c) The ages of any seated children and d) The number of guests and who they are.


Any member that hasn’t finished paying membership for the 2018-19 membership year will not receive seats. Members in good standing means that dues are paid and all owed money from aliyos auctioned off and/or misheberachs are paid as well. 

Please reach out to Eran Ratner if you have any questions about any open balances.


As in prior years, boys going into 4th grade and girls going into 5th grade are able to have the option of attaining seats.


2019/20 Dues
The 2019-20 CBEY membership and seating costs are as follows: 

Full Membership - $1,100 per family (First year members are offered an introductory price of $800 for full membership)
Associate Membership - $750 per family

All full members in good standing are entitled to one men's and one women's seat. Any additional seats will be charged the following:

$50 per child seat (maximum of $200 per immediate family).
$100 per seat for other guests

Moshe Hirsch Night Seder Program
The Shul has started a new amud yomi night seder program L”ZN Moshe Hirsch. It entails learning one amud a day for 5 days,. allowing for two days to either catch up, go more in depth or review. 


The shul is learning Maseches Beitzah Sunday through Thursday from 8:40pm to 9:20pm, followed by Maariv in the Shul. One day a week, there will be a more in-depth shiur on a related topic. 


Should you have any questions or would like to sign-up for a chavrusa please contact either Rabbi Ralbag, Shlomo Katz or Issac Pearlman.


The Amud Yomi shiurim are available here.


Ner Tamid

We would like to thank Sima and Shmuly Koegel who have graciously sponsored the Shul's electricity L”ZN Yitzchok ben Nizhar for Chodesh Elul.


Daf Yomi

The Daf Yomi is available for sponsorship.

Tue, September 17 2019 17 Elul 5779