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welcome to cbey

Congregation Bais Ephraim Yitzchok (CBEY), under the leadership of Rabbi Zvi & Rebbetzin Paghit Ralbag, strives to be a warm and caring community that encourages davening and Torah study.  Founded in 2000 in Woodmere, NY by families from varied yeshiva backgrounds, CBEY has grown to over 100 families, all dedicated to the ideal of living meaningful Jewish lives.


Succos Schedule

Click here for the Succos Schedule.


Mazel Tov!!

Mazel Tov to the Charlap Family on the Birth of a Baby Boy to Yossi & Renee Charlap.Everyone is invited to a Shalom Zachor this Friday night at 9 pm. Charlap Sukkah, 481 Island Ave. Woodmere, NY (enter on Peninsula; between Island & Howard). Bris details to follow.


Simchas Torah Kiddush

Once again, the shul is arranging a gala kiddush on Simchas Torah. To cover the costs, we are looking for sponsorships. If you are interested, please contact Dani Schwartz.


Youth Department Shabbos Afternoon Learning Program

If you are interested in sponsoring the Youth Department's Shabbos afternoon learning, please contact Jay.


Nidvas Chashmal

The Shul thanks Moishe and Aliza Spinner who have graciously sponsored the Shul's electricity for Chodesh Tishrei  לרפואה שלמה טובי' משה בן פעריל.


Daf Yomi

The Daf Yomi is sponsored by the Daskal family l'zecher nishmas Shalom ben HaRav Tzvi (15 Tishrei): Yaakov Avinu ben Yitzchok Avinu (15 Tishrei)

Thu, September 23 2021 17 Tishrei 5782