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welcome to cbey

Congregation Bais Ephraim Yitzchok (CBEY), under the leadership of Rabbi Zvi & Rebbetzin Paghit Ralbag, strives to be a warm and caring community that encourages davening and Torah study.  Founded in 2000 in Woodmere, NY by families from varied yeshiva backgrounds, CBEY has grown to over 100 families, all dedicated to the ideal of living meaningful Jewish lives.


Mechirat Chometz

The Rav will be available for Mechirat Chometz starting next week. On Sundays, he will  be in shul following Shacharis until 10:00 AM and in the  evening from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM. On weekdays, he will be in  shul following Shacharis until 8:15 AM and in his home after 8:30 PM. He will also be available by appointment, which can be arranged with  the Rav by calling him at (917) 224-9676. Click here for the  Mechirat Chometz form. 


Maot Chitim
The shul is now collecting funds for Maot Chittim that will be distributed locally and in Eretz Yisroel. Checks should be made out to "Congregation Bais Ephraim" with "Maot Chittim" noted in the memo section. Contributions for either cause should be given to Rabbi Ralbag or to David Yastrab by April 14th.


Chometz in Shul

The shul wil be cleaned for Pesach next week. Please refrain from bringing Chometz products to shul starting Wednesday April 17th.


Mitzvah of the Month for Moishe

Please join the sisterhood this Shabbos, Parshas Metzora, at the home of Shmuli and Rochelle Klier, 350 Church Avenue in Woodmere, at 4:30pm, as the sisterhood launches a new initiative l'ilu nishmas Moishe Hirsch, Chaim Moshe ben Binyomin Tzvi a"h.


The new initiative will focus on one new mitzvah per month that women will choose to learn about and improve in Moishe's zechus.


Journal Dinner, 5/19/19

Save the date for the CBEY eighteenth annual dinner and wine tasting gala honoring Aron and Simi Iskowitz. Featuring a presentation by world renowned wine connoisseur Gabriel Geller. The dinner will be held on Sunday, May 19th at Congregation Ohr Torah.


Daf Yomi

The Daf Yomi is sponsored by the Daskal family L'zecher Nishmas Menucha Frayda bas Yaakov Yehuda (8 Nissan).

Fri, April 26 2019 21 Nisan 5779