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Welcome to Congregation Bais Ephraim Yitzchok

Congregation Bais Ephraim Yitzchok (CBEY), under the leadership of Rabbi Zvi & Rebbetzin Paghit Ralbag, strives to be a warm and caring community that encourages davening and Torah study.  Founded in 2000 in Woodmere, NY by families from varied yeshiva backgrounds, CBEY has grown to over 100 families, all dedicated to the ideal of living meaningful Jewish lives.


Mazel Tov!!

Mazel Tov to Moshe and Dvora Cywiak on the marriage of of Daniel to Zippy Wilson!. May the family be zocheh to build a bayis ne'eman b'yisroel.


Mishloach Manos

The sisterhood is preparing CBEY's Mishloach Manos. The cost per family is $100.  Sponsorship levels are Silver - $118, Gold - $136.


Due to the current situation in Israel, there are several additional Mishloah Manos options available:

1) IDF soldiers Mishloach Manos package - $18

2) Displaced family enhanced package - $50 per family

3) Mitzvos Purim package for families who have an active service member in the IDF, which includes food for the Purim seuda, mishloach manos for the children, and additional funds for matanos l'evyonim - $100 per family.


Please log in to your shul cloud account and select from the Mishloach Manos options on the Donate page. One selection can be purchased at a time. Pay via Zelle @, specifying in the memo your name, sponsorship level, as well as any additional package(s). 


Please email with questions. 

The deadline is March 7th. 



The shul thanks Shmuel Feigenbaum who has graciously sponsored the electricity for Chodesh Adar לע׳נ דבורה ע״ה בת עזריאל איכל הלוי

Tue, February 20 2024 11 Adar I 5784