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Welcome to Congregation Bais Ephraim Yitzchok

Congregation Bais Ephraim Yitzchok (CBEY), under the leadership of Rabbi Zvi & Rebbetzin Paghit Ralbag, strives to be a warm and caring community that encourages davening and Torah study.  Founded in 2000 in Woodmere, NY by families from varied yeshiva backgrounds, CBEY has grown to over 100 families, all dedicated to the ideal of living meaningful Jewish lives.


Mazel Tov!!

Mazel Tov to Elissa and Jay Koffsky on the Bat-Mitzvah of Ellie Mia! May they continue to enjoy nachas and simcha from all of their children.


Mechiras Chametz

Staring Thursday, March 23rd, Rabbi Ralbag will be available for Mechiras Chometz. The Rav will be in shul on weekday mornings until 9:00am and on weeknights from 9:15pm until 10:00pm. On Sunday morning, he will be available until 10:00am and on Sunday evenings from 6:00pm until 8:30pm. He will also be available, including Motzai Shabbos, at his home on 765 Hampton Road. Please text or call him at (917) 224-9676 beforehand. 


The Mechiras Chometz form is available here.


Maot Chittim

The shul is now collecting funds that will be distributed for Maot Chittim. Checks should be made out to "Congregation Bais Ephraim" with "Maot Chittim" noted in the memo section. The funds will be distributed locally in our community. Contributions should be given to Rabbi Ralbag or to David Yastrab.


Scroll of Honor - 4/23/23 - Save the Date!

This year’s Scroll of Honor will be conducted in conjunction with the shul dinner, featuring comedian Eli Lebowicz. It will take place at 6:30pm on Sunday night, April 23rd at Kulanu. 
This event is the shuls most critical fundraiser. Everyone is encouraged to demonstrate support by contributing using this LINK.
Those who donate $600 or more are entitled to 2 tickets to the dinner/comedy show. Tickets may also be purchased separately for $75 by clicking on the following LINK.
 Scroll of Honor Levels
 Pillar - $5,000  
 Platinum - $2,500 
 Diamond- $1,000
 Emerald - $750
 Gold - $600
 Silver - $360
 Copper - $180


Daf Yomi

The Daf Yomi has been sponsored by the Daskal family l'zecher nishmas HaRav Avraham Yehoshua Heschel ben Shmuel [Ohev Yisroel of Apta] (5 Nissan); Menucha Frayda bas Yaakov Yehuda (8 Nissan); HaRav Chaim Meir ben HaRav Baruch [Imrei Chaim of Vizhnitz] (9 Nissan)



The shul thanks Binyamin and Shonie Schwartz who have graciously sponsored the Shul's electricity for Chodesh Nisan in zchus for the health and hatzlacha of the entire Kehilla!.

Wed, March 29 2023 7 Nisan 5783